Klong Mu-Dong Canoe Race

It was the local canoe race around the corner from my house in Borae – Klong Mu-Dong, the canal next to the market and near to the monkey ‘hang-out’.

The rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the children who had gathered early and clearly practised their dance routines and what they were going to eat – and there was a lot to eat!

There were a great number of people going to race in a canoe and they started with the children – which clearly excited the crowd who all chanted a little bit louder.

This was not an event that was to find a hero and this was clear from the beginning.  It was clearly fun for the children and taking part was the key but I think that the way to pick up the young men by being stranded in their canoe was pushing it a little.

The environment was wonderful – than Jemma and I found the balloons, 
the sprite, the monkeys and then the candy-floss – 
a wonderful experience.

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