Phuket News June 2011

A phone company that indicates it is a 3G service but the service does not work with 3G technology - only in Phuket?

Public transport in Phuket - a Popular addition - the Pink Bus.

Man an woman thrown off the cliff but a man just played being dead 

A residence which was paying for someone's electricity - but the developer can't help because the cables are underground - unless the residences want to pay?

Planking is dangerous for your mental health?
There is nothing more important to do?

Tesco's talk of going to charge for parking because of outsiders using the building
- bring back the shopping receipt (Jungceylon)

You should be insured before going on holiday!
Are the insurance going to help you when you have been knocked off your motorbike by a person who then phones his friend who demands that you pay for the accident or there will be the police and they will take away your passport until this matter is sorted out... BUT your plane leaves tomorrow?

At great expense a squadron was sunk to create an artificial reef - but 90% is destroyed because the aluminum was too light and not held together - what a waste

Is your singing really that bad?
Karaoke bar owner shot

Don't mess with the Ladyboy in Patong - sound advice, but now the police are involved.
Another case that is common is when an unsuspecting tourist wakes up after sleeping with a ladyboy to discover he’s been robbed – or he wakes up and realizes he has no money to pay for the “services” of the ladyboy and a fight breaks out, Col Arayapan said.

Motorbike death in Phuket an expat hotelier 
then i read that it is a common accident spot?

Motorbike death (2)
i wonder why i don't drive here!

A shoot out!

A suicide -  but people do not trust the enquiry

A Russian is found hanging in the cell - there are not a lot of happy stats this month

and more - an Aussie dies jumping out of a window.

A Gangland Shooting - no tourists but it was a mistake

A father kills his daughter then suicide????


A successful raid in Patong for pirated goods
- one person arrested - and the rest of them?

Phuket FC lose again - sacked the manger
they really are going for the Premiership!

A Tourist commits suicide - are there some statistics?

Waste water was safe to be discharged
why... was it not save before?

Crack down on tattooists who tattoo religious icons on bodies.

Shelters for tourists in need - I hope that they have air conditioning, double beds, water and a TV or there will be complaints.... and what about the forum?  Is there a 'joiners' fee?

So what did the last survey of tourists fond out?
The tourists complained about the taxi drivers...

Then a question is raised about the land surrounding Big Buddah and more - please do not tell me they did not have permission OR is it simply that donated funds are moosing?

Vote NO Rally in Phuket - so yes to who?

A dolphin park in Phuket - 90 million baht idea?
Hopefully only an idea - not simply a waste...

13 vendors arrested in Patong for selling Pirated material
and the rest?

- but will this come true? the possibility is frightening

Briton drowns in Koh Samui (not Phuket)... that was the police response BUT

Baby Surrogacy - paying someone to have your baby for you - Vietnamese women repatriated because this is what they were doing in Thailand - I am a little confused - if they were Thai then it would have been okay?

Illegal beach encroachment in Bang Tao - but I thought that this was now under control?
Not when you read that there is a building deemed instantly illegal (above).

The Red Shirts are planking in Bangkok?

A light railway in Phuket?
We have witnessed the taxi drivers assault on the boats 
- what will they have in store for the railway?