Phuket Happenings - April 2014

The month included Songkran and four weddings.

Kellie and Michael / Christine and Steven and I have not written the others yet...

We visited Phattalung for Chuen's mother's birthday

we went kayaking at Bor Thor - more later

A lake is being illegally filled in Phuket
- does this mean that there is a legal way?

"Over 9,000 chairs, stacked in rows up to seven deep, were on Patong Beach when the Gazette counted them in mid-February.
The number of chairs, though astonishing, is not a violation of Phuket beach chair regulations, which do not specify a maximum. The number of rows, however, is."

- okay?
- where are the beaches where there are no sunbeds?

Tattooed body washed up on the beach believed to be a foreigner
- don't you love the English language
- does it matter what nationality the person is
- does the tattoo make a difference?

The police arrest a suspect for the murder of a French Tourist
 - a murderer from Myanmar

Chinese person dies and prompts a life jacket warning
“Moreover, boat passengers must make sure they are wearing their life jackets properly. The jacket must be fastened at the chest and also in between the legs.

- between the legs?

Reckless Bungy Jump operators 
- but they gave the contract to the builders who gave the
- another thing not to do  

A ladyboy is fined for being topless in Songkran
- does this mean that they should not?
- does this mean that they are fined because they are a topless ladyboy?

Thai double-deckers are banned during Songkran 
- and the rest of the year?

Two Russians wanted for a killing in Phuket have left the country
- with all that paperwork filled out an nobody knew?

The Thai people are the fourth heaviest drinkers in the world
OR does this mean the farangs that live in Thailand help this?

The dog meat trade is still very big in Thailand
- not just meat but the skin... 

Bungy Jumping - 2 dead 
one more thing NOT to do in Phuket 
- but then I read that it was the constructing people who were killed
- maybe the laws are not so strict...

Young Russians missing, kidnapped,one executed and one escaped - now left Phuket
- so many stories....

then Russian in road rage attack on an Australian 
knocked out his teeth!
- not a good month for the Russian PR :(

Nearly 400 passports were reported lost or missing in Phuket
- i wonder why?

20 land encroachments found in Phuket - names withheld
- i think that i have heard this story before?

Brakes failed on a tour-bus on Patong Hill 
- NOT Pegas, well at least there were no logos?

ATM skimmer at Premium Outlet 
- there is no reason to visit there...