My birthday, coffins, Chinese Shrine (มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ต) and the Vegetarian Festival

It was my birthday and we made  a visit to a Chinese Shrine  - มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ต.

Chuen purchased 3 packets of what looked like white bed sheets. We kneeled in front of the Shrine and Chuen read the words which were at the foot of the table in front of us, I repeated them.

We then moved to the top of the offering table and burnt a piece of paper. Then we moved to something which I had not seen previously - this was a pile of stacked white coffins with a plethora of purple paper on the sides.

We moved towards the stack and place 'my piece' on the sides of it and then the white blankets were placed on the coffins. 

We had a chat at this point and Chuen told me that these white sheets were for the people who had died but nobody was going to take care of them!

We walked quietly away in thought and then I notice that there was a ambulance at the front of the Shrine - it was the same type of ambulance which had taken care of me after the accident that I had at the Final Parade of the Vegetarian Festival in 2012 - strange how things come full circle...

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