Road blocked, monkeys, Nai Yang, Devil Caves, Loyung Temple and 360

The trip came to an abrupt stop when the road we were driving down (all be it on the wrong side of the road) and found that we drove into a blockade

This was over the issue of two juveniles raping a pregnant girl, the boys being too young to be prosecuted, the re-enactment not taking place and the story of the wrongly accused being beaten up by the  police.

We chose to wait a little and visited Bang Rong Pier (we had left from here to go to Koh Yao Noi

where we went for a walk in the mangroves and were chased by the wild monkeys.

We returned to the road and it was still blocked so we chose to stay in Naiyang Seaview place because it was close to where we were already - we were determined to leave the next morning early!

Dinner was at Blue Sushi - a restaurant serving Japanese which was near the airport - review to follow here.

The following morning we were off on our trip - stopping first on Nai Yang beach to see the best manicured beach in Phuket! 

Over the Sarasin bridge and then to the Dairyhut Farm - we fed the animals and then it was time for lunch - or breakfast?

In fact I knew very little - my friend Jamie has done a very good overview of Phang Nga Province.

Then we visited Bor Thor and we chose to visit the Devils Caves, cave paintings and much more - but there does not seem to be a lot published on the Internet about this attraction? Here's foursquareBut I will do some research - watch this blog...

On the way home we stopped at Loyung Temple - i always like to visit Buddhist Temples.

On the way home we stopped at 360 viewpoint for dinner - looks good and there seems to be much more there now so 360 viewpoint needs to be visited again - watch this blog.

A great day and a half...