Buddha's Footprint

Buddha's footprint is something that you see in a number of Buddhist Temples - this one was actually on a trip to Ayutthaya so I am not sure where you are able to find one in Phuket.

The footprints of the Buddha (Buddhapada) are one of the early representations of the Buddha in the anticonic (no statues) stage of Buddhist art. The Buddhapada are highly revered in all Buddhist countries, especially in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Symbolizing the grounding of the transcendent, feet have been objects of respect in India long before Buddhism. According to Buddhist legend, after the Buddha attained enlightenment, his feet made an imprint in the stone where he stepped.
In another tradition, the infant Buddha took seven steps after his birth to symbolize his spiritual domination of the universe.
The footprints of the Buddha symbolize the Buddha's presence, as they are believed to be the imprints where the Buddha actually touched the ground. At the same time, the Buddhapada signify the Buddha's absence now that he has entered nirvana, and thus are a reminder of the Buddhist ideal of nonattachment.
The Buddha's footprints are usually depicted with the toes of all one length and with a dharmachakra (wheel) in the centre. (text is from Religion facts)

The footprint is venerated further if it is found in the countryside - in face these are protected by Royal Patronage and are believed to be an actual footprint - the most famous of them being Phra Puddhabat temple in Saraburi Province.

Please remember to respect Buddhism when you enter the temple by being appropriately dressed and removing your shoes.