Buddhist alms giving

Monks and Thailand are a very common link and one of the most beautiful things that I have been part of is walking with the monks in the early morning.

According to the latest figures Thailand is still 90% but this is more than Phuket which what I read is mostly Buddhist.

What I enjoy to do is to take photographs of the monks as they walk along the roads.

The monks get up very early in and many are met by people waiting on the side of the road with gifts of food for the monks - called alms giving and is popular in a number of cultures.

From approximately 7am monks will walk along the roads bear feet with their alms bowls, the senior monk will always walk in the front.

Devotees, whose houses are along the alms-round circuit, wait in front of their homes. Others, go to a spot along the road where the monks pass.

To indicate that you would like to offer food, remove your shoes, lower your upper body and put your palms together in front of your chest. In Thai, we call this hand gesture wai.

If the alms bowl is not full, the monks open the lid for you. 

First we offer rice, followed by food, desserts, fruits and water or other drinks. If the bowl is full on the other hand, we put the offerings on the lid instead.

Some people also give a bouquet of flowers to put in front of the Buddha image at the temple.

Finally, we wai the monks, who often give a short blessing.

I found the best description from Thailand Breeze.

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