Buddhist To Pray Tools

What do all these things mean in the Buddhist Temple?


Buddhist Tools
This program will virtually give you information on buddhism and the traditions involving it, also you may practice some religous customs on your cellphone. On our beta version prayer wheels would turn, and on our pro version all tools would be available. Since it is our first program there might be some shortcomings and mistakes.

There are 10 items in the Buddhist Wat that this App chose to describe...

Look at the top wheel to see which ones.

This was wonderful - you were able to investigate what each was able article in turn! Then I found that I was able to count the Prayer beads - it made me want to look at it more. 

Then there were the Incense sticks - I wonder when there will be 'smell O vision'?

A great introduction to Buddhism.

Cost: Free
Ease of use: click on the pictures
Comment: a great idea but think the colouring for the writing is too much