Phocea - the Super Yacht at Cape Panwa

This super yacht that has been floating off the beach at Cape Panwa Hotel - has been named - thanks to Mike and David.

image from www.sail-world 

It has been here for a while - first arriving a fortnight before the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Race Week. Thinking that it was here as part of this event I paid little notice.

It was still here for the photoshoot of the cape+kantary magazine - making the front cover no less...

But it never left...

But there does seem to be a great number of stories surrounding it - beginning with the story of the two 'super-rich' men who owned it together and then fell out with each other - one owner ordered the boat's captain to take the boat. The other owner noticed that it was gone and reported it stolen!

It arrived here and was subsequently impounded - where it sits here today.

But there is another story about the Phocea and a list of problems. But no mention or Phuket - mention of shady transactions and a court case though - but it was on it's way to Phuket?

But there is another story in 2012 - drugs and guns.

But there is another story - Wikipedia has it listed as well - but tells us of the accident involving the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

But there is another story - there is the blog about the owner - Vu Anh Quan Saken - the great martial arts expert - here's his blog. and this connects to Phuket, make your own mind up but there is certainly a story here

But I have requested information from
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Hi Tim
I don't know, but it's such an individual boat that if you think you've seen it there, you probably have

Nancy Knudsen
Sail-World Cruising


  1. - there is more to the story here


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