A Fair at Masjid Iszatulislam

There was a Festival near our home at an Islam Temple - Masjid Iszatulislam.

We arrived at 6:30pm and the field next to the temple was full of typical food, typical clothes and typical toys. There was a introduction by the local people - it was all in Thai and it was a lovely environment :)

The fair was organised next to the Temple.

Initially we saw that there was a welcome made on a stage made by a number of children and a song. 

I immediately found that  there was not many tourists at all. I immediately found that that there was a great number of different types of food that you could choose from. There was no indication what the dishes were so I was a little reluctant to try - I wasn't hungry.

Then there was also an enormous amount of clothing and material available. The greatest amount of clothing was for the women and most of the women were wearing traditional Islamic clothes.

We wandered through to the back and it was here that we found stalls for children, trampolines and a large bouncy castle. 

Jemma was happy on the bouncy castle. After this we moved to the stalls and played a number of games - winning a drink.

After this I found that there was some LEGO Star Wars...

We hope that we would not get in the rain so we quickly moved to the car.

These people make our Patonkor.
Thank you to you all for welcoming us.

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