Phuketique, Dim Sum, Fuji, Central, Mellow Yellow, Japanese, Manicure and Dairy Hut

I took Jemma to school in the morning and I was fascinated that I saw the amount of people on a vehicle! 

After this I went to Phuketique after a had a coffee. I met here until I met Jo (who was staying at the On On).

I wanted to have some Dim Sun and we searched for the closest place - we found โชคชยตมซำ which was around the corner. It was great to have a snack and it was a great fun.

Ater this I needed to have a Sweet drink and I chose to visit Mellow Yellow - wonderful Bubble Iced Tea here (but was told that it was like drinking tadpoles! Then I visited to Radsada Handmade shop to start to look for inspiration for Christmas - bought something but not a lot.

Then I walked through Phuket Town to Hok Ngoun Chinese Shrine.

Then it was time to look for time for a motorbike because it started to rain - standing outside Robinson there is a price list for the motorbike and it cost me 80 Baht to get to Central Festival.

At Central I visited Starbucks whilst the rain got heavier... I noticed that you are able to get 3 hours WiFi free at Central.  After that I went to the top floor and found that the thing to do there was having your nails paint.

After this we chose to go to a Japanese restaurant in Central Festival - we chose to go to Fuji...

I chose then to have a manicure and a pedicure at a local lounge - very nice but wow my nails are very short. 

We then went to the Dairy Hut for dinner.