Phuket Happenings - November 2013

'Pop Rocks in Phuket'

This month was certainly more different - with the freak weather at work and the crashing of the waves, Emily and Justin's Wedding - more rain, OTOP Festival, new restaurants and it was certainly busy.

Jet Ski Operators sorted out ahead of High Season 
April Fool? (but in November) 
next they tell us that there will be no traffic outside Central!

No guns in Tourist Areas of Phuket 
- where is that?

A report about getting a Metered Taxi from Phuket Airport
- i am surprised that they were still able but not the fact that it was not turned on!

A Warning?
Russian dies after a Thai massage on Bang Tao beach
- never did like them much - i will stick to a heart attack from coffee

A bus topples off Patong Hill but no casualties
- this is dangerous

Charged with illegally importing Coral into Phuket
- but Rawai has lots of shops and they can seel the Coral because it does not come from Phuket - so only if you get caught?

1.6 million baht stolen from ATM using a blowtorch 
- nobody noticed (but there is a security guard in the picture
- that's a lot of cash for an ATM

Amnesty Bill crashes? Bankgkok ATM's hacked and Boy dies in ferry tragedy

Rain water pipe removed from discharging into the sea 
- and what about all the other beaches with real discharge?

Russian Tourist destroys Abbot Statue Wat Karon
- this is what is still special about Thailand - Respect
- but is this more about the Russian tourist?

Phuket Jails it's worse taxi drivers 
- interesting concept?

The Krabi 'boat death' happened in International Waters 
- and how was this ascertained?

Volunteer Police involved in Iguana disagreement in Patong
- would I get involved?

With all the furore surrounding the Starbung coffee... 

A Russian goes on a drunken rampage - smashes a monk statue and tries to hotwire a truck - locals want an apology - the Russian is under police guard
- do they know something we don't?

Guest at Bang Tao Beach Garden find a cobra in the bathroom!
- not had this one to deal with where I work yet...

"Taxi Meters are allowed to pick up passengers anywhere on the island but no one does - once new fares are introduced, this will change, because they will earn more money"
- Elephants might fly - Dumbo could

Russian tourism may have peaked!
- i watch with interest as the third group of inspectors arrive today

Comfortable in your own skin 
- products are dangerous and do not do all that they are sold as

Rhianna was in Phuket to make a video - a little demented...
here's a 'snapshot'

Yet again a video shows a crime
A fat balding farang steals a bag at KFC

Then there is a Travel Warning to travel to Thailand
I don't think that the Public Opinion of Thailand is doing well...