Phuket Walk Rally 2013

Dragon Park was awash with Orange Shirts and it was nothing to do with Holland and the World Cup - it was the Phuket Walk Rally.

The day began with confusion for me because nothing was written in English and there were no instructions in English BUT I am in Thailand so I just watched. I think that there was only one more Farang in the park - but I am not sure.

The object of the Walk Rally (I think) was to raise the awareness of the culture of Phuket to the population. It involved us going from spot to spot, recording the information and then going to the second spot for the next clue.

Fabulous - but I was more of a hinderance so Jemma and I popped into coffee shops / toy shops / shrines and more whilst friends ran around finding out the answers.

I have designed a Phuket Walk on an App and I do enjoy investigating Phuket Old Town - there is so much to see and even though we live here we do not see. One activity was to look for patterns - fabulous. I will make a 'Seek and Find' map for this activity.

We wandered around trying to answer questions - well trying coffee and cake at each stop - i46 Coffee Shop and Mac-chiato House were just two.

I really should have set my iPhone on a walking Trail App but we did not follow a trail and the battery ran out...

After the photos were taken and the forms filled in we were all served dinner - Fabulous'. Again I was reminded how lucky I am to live here in Phuket and to welcomed to such events by the Thai people.

Thanks to the organisers of this special day...

Hokkien Noodles at Mee Ton Poe 3...

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