Phuket Happenings - April 2013

So what do we have this month - still busy with the tourists BUT...

We managed an escape to Hong Kong for the weekend, there was Songkran and it was awfully busy.

Patong Mayor to 'talk to taxi club' about the bus 
why the inverted commas?
did he talk?
Kata / Karon 'talk to taxi club' will block the bus

Unfortunately 'someone' spilled oil off Koh Sirey - 2,000 gallons...
but who - that's a lot of money?

A Russian arrested for not having the paperwork on her...
- is this the beginning of something?
- no they found it

BUT there is a raid in Patong which 'captures' 30 Russian Women!
- so the story continues...

Then a Russian Tourist won a cake eating competition
- how did they know about this?
BUT then I read of a Burger Eating Competition (4th May)
why do people join these things - am I getting old?

A 17cm long bone was found...
it may win the Sea Gypsy fight for the land...

more bones were found near Big Buddha 
- do you think that we should stop building on land that has laid waste for so long?

A new App released for the Tourist - Tourist Buddy 
and my review (not yet)?

Then another App found an iPhone which was stolen 
do all police have an issued iPhone?

 - owner of building / car park not responsible
- the amulet protected the driver from being hurt
Legal matters are quite simple - Do not park close to a tree, it was there before you.
BUT if you do make sure you have the amulet on....

Tourists now ripped off for motorbike rental 
- very similar to the Jet Ski....
- do you need to relinquish your passport if you rent?

A boat accident in Pattaya - Korean person who lost a leg threatens to sue 
watch this space...

Klongs in Phuket are a health hazard
I noticed this when we had a coffee at Chic Room Cafe in Phuket Town :(

Polluted water sloshes over Bang Tao beach 
- oh dear...

Child saved from drowning at Nai Harn Lagoon...
thought this had been addressed?

ATM scammers are out in Phuket
- 3 foreigners caught

Lee Aldhouse will not receive the death Penalty because 
he confessed to the stabbing of Mr Longfellow.

Seawalking company denies damage 
- is this the same company with the buried metal hand rail?

2 deaths by BIG (size) motorbike accidents.

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

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