Beach Bums but no Beers

Question: Do I need a liquor license to sell beer from a beer cart on the beach?

Answer from Officer at Public Health and Environment Division of Patong

We do not allow any beach vendors to set up stalls selling alcoholic beverages....

Now I understand why sometimes they run away somewhere to get me a beer.


Does your grass smell?

What a pleasant surprise in the morning - after a night of rain and I was left with the sweet smell from the grass.

They then cut it down and took it away - what do they use it for?
Ya Kaa...?

Por Tor comes to Phuket Town

I have posted on my personal blog and the company’s blog regarding the Por Tor Festival in Phuket Town.

I started the festival with photographs taken for my work permit – always choosing Klinc Kong in Phuket Town AND they know the right size.

Then I visited the places where they make the turtle cakes and put on the intricate writings – my daughter thought that they were beautiful.

This year was different - I went with my friend Jamie from Phuket  (always a pleasure, nice camera too) and met Chaya from Phuket Heritage Trails – visit both sites and learn more about Phuket.

Then it was time for a cocktail at Siam Indigo – gin and tonic was perfect but I did steal it from one of our group – sorry.

We had our cocktail and Chaya told us about the history of the event and then entered the fray – noise, wonderful, busy and full of fun – Phuket at it’s best.

Plastic bag pollution

I have read about John Gray's opinion on his blog regarding the amount of harm that can come to animals with the human indiscriminate disposal of rubbish and no plastic bag day in Phuket.
Did anyone tell this cat?
Plastic bag kills a turtle...

Think before you toss that plastic bag with food in...

Sidecars for motorbikes

Article and picture from the Phuket Gazette
It has been decided that this (above and below) is going to be illegal.

The sidecar will no longer (was it ever) be able to carry passengers even if they have installed a plastic chair inside.

I wonder how many people from Phuket are affected by this decision? I wonder whether it would be okay if they wore a helmet?

Train tracks are a cure

picture from
I read more and more about train tracks being built in Phuket (along with a tunnel through Patong Hill) and I wonder whether this will become 'fashionable' in Phuket.

The above picture is from Jakarta though...

Then I laugh at my experiences in the UK with, "Sorry the Train is late because of the wrong leaves on the track" and now "Sorry the train is late but there was a person asleep and we could not wake them up (he was dead) but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible".

Delicious bugs?

We went out to the Fair at Sapan Hin last week.

Have had some before BUT NOT the caterpillars.

I have also promised the staff (some are keen bug eaters) to bring some to the staff party - watch this space.

click for location

Bird's Nest Soup

One of the experiences that I enjoy whilst teaching is the pupils talking to me about their experiences.

This week the conversation that we had was about Bird's Nest Soup.

Bird's nests are harvested in Thailand and I know that we are given small jars of soup occasionally.  It tastes of nothing - a cheap broth is the closest I can imagine. Made from the harden saliva of birds!

But the pupils all had a different opinion as to it's properties and as to the idea of a 'Virgin Bird's Nest' which is white I had to find out more.

I didn't... but then I read in the Bangkok Post that the percentage of 'Bird's Nest in the bottles' is between 1.1% and 1.4%!