Wild pigs, coffee, dim sum, toys, bubble tea, coffee, Chinese Shrines and Japanese

This was a day off so I started all days with something different.

I found the pack of Wild pigs (if that's right) and then proceeded to swiftly walk away because they began to chase me and I really did not want to have a discussion with the animals - especially as I had no food...

So the next step was to take a coffee at the Bake and more (a bit early today though and they were not quite ready).

So I finished the chapter on the book that I was reading and I swiftly made my way to a popular local Dim Sum restaurant -จนทรจรา ตมซำ (Janjira) - delicious but I had very little to know what it was that I was eating (no menu, simply point at) - a review will be posted here.

Following this I wandered into Phuket Town via Big C for toys to buy.

Then it was on to Central Festival but I was too early - only discovered this as I crossed the bridge - I do not think that this will be finished this year and there is little news on the tunnel through Patong Hill (an aside).

 Then to ธดาพร ของเลนa Toy Shop FULL of toys (not all of real quality) but what a visit... and bought so much.

This weight of bags meant that I needed to take a break in the air-conditioning of the Phuket Tea Station - lovely. After this refresh stop I decided to walk to Wat Kosit Wihan - I must add this to my map but I have not yet.

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BUT on the way I could not resist 'popping in' to the Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine at the bottom of Rang Hill the Shrine is always a pleasure and I do like to visit.

As I strolled the Mae Luan Road I found that there was a new coffee shop Sweet 'n Treats (a review to come her) so I had to stop there.

It was at this time that I noticed that there was รานพกนจน a shop across the street which sold articles for use in the Chinese Shrines which I so like to visit. Just been asked for some 'Moon Blocks' which are used on the Chinese Shrine and I hope that I am able to purchase them here.

Here I was welcomed and allowed to take photographs (a review to come here) and then given an Amulet. The shop has a website site if you are interested.

After this we went to Fuji at Central Festival for our Japanese lunch.

Followed by a visit to the Indy Market in Phuket Town

An example of traffic driving in Thailand

I am happily reminded why I do not drive here...

Chinese Shrine Tour of Phuket Old Town

Leaving work to ensure that I did not get stuck in a traffic jam was a blessing - 

I was able to pop into โรงโกป บานแถวนำ for a 'wake up' coffee and it certainly was a wake up. The staff were so welcoming and then one of them introduced himself to me as he knew Khun Jaroon - a local Muay Thai Boxing Trainer and Bell Boy at Cape Panwa Hotel.

Pud Jor Shrine (ศาลเจาปดจอ)

This Shrine is located at the end of Ranong Road where the local market is in Phuket Town.

This is a shrine that I have visited a number of times previously but it is now usually because it is a part of The Vegetarian Festival.

Jui Tui Shrine (ศาลเจาจยตยเตาโบเกง)

The Jui Tui Shrine is one which is located above a small klong and I often wonder whether this klong runs beneath it but I have never jumped it to look.

There is a time to visit here and it is during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. 

This is because there is a small 'Offering Area' between both of the shrines which I have only ever seen open during this time - behind this door.

This is a shrine that is situated next to the Pud Jor Shrine so you really do not visit here more than the other - but my blogs indicate that I do?

Sang Tham Shrine (ศาลเจาแสงธรรม เตงกองตอง)

This is a shrine that is in the heat of Phuket Old Town and is being renovated (and I think that it is complete) - here is my first visit and my subsequent visit when I learnt that there were two names - the Shrine of the Serene is a popular more.

Bang Neow Shrine (ศาลเจาบางเหนยวเตาโบเกง มลนธเทพราศร)

This is a shrine that is popular with me because it is in the heart of Phuket Town and near to lots of places which I like to visit (second hand shoes, camera shop, cheesecake shop, Robinson's and Gaetana to name a few) so I have visited a number of times.

Jiu Tean Geng Shrine (ศาลเจากวเทยนเกง)

This was a shrine that I first visited as the finale of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival but it is equally as wonderful in the dark and there does seem to be some investment (2014) - this shrine. I have also known it as Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine.

Thank you to the TAT in Phuket Town for organising this for us

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Phuket Old Town Festival 2014

I love Phuket Old Town so when they decided to close three roads (and a bit more) I really must visit. I actually visited twice - once was a family visit with my daughter loving the cockatoo from Phuket Bird Park and my wife buying me the best Chiang Mai sausages that I have had since our trip to Chiang Mai!

The next day and it was the turn of a bus from work where I took some guests who had stayed with us previously and also met some staff - both times a lot of fun.

The Phuket Old Town Festival was a small event when it started and I have watched it each year (2013, 2012) get bigger and bigger. 

Arriving early (before 6 pm) is always great because I was able to get a better idea of what there was to see and there is an awful amount normally.

The lady of Phuket Town was present - nice to see that she visited - and she watched the violins play.


They seemed to gather predominantly on Rasada Road and at the end of the road there was a stage whether there were bands playing, Hip Hop dancing and then Flamenco Dancing.

But there was my favourite - a dancer with two extra people on a stick - wonderful last year and wonderful this year...

Then there was the Brass Band from a school.


Well this seemed to be everywhere - from Bugs, to Fairy Cakes, to Chiang Mai sausages, to deep fried crabs (the small ones), to sticky rice, to doughnuts...


There are a number here to visit but I chose to visit Route 68 which meant that I could eat all the delicious sausages and drink cold beer whilst watching the lights changing at Soi Rommani

Things to buy

There does seem to be a bit of the regular items on sale - but the beauty of the things here to buy was that they were not for the tourist - the handbags, the toys and so much more.


One show was a puppet show on the traditional strings.

This wonderful because there was a small child involved in it and then there was also a big crocodile on strings, so it was a real pleasure watching the children enjoy themselves watching the story.

Then there was the more traditional Thai Puppet - the Shadow Puppets - this was performed by one man who had a number of them on the floor adjacent to him.

This Festival was for the local people of Phuket and there was a lot of them and I feel that this is what more it all the more enjoyable - see you next year.

Rang Hill Dental Clinic in Phuket Town

I have my choice of dentist in Phuket Town but this is 'old style dentist' at Suang Luang and others in Phuket Town and we chose to search for somewhere else.

We chose Rang Hill Dental Clinic, we walked in and upstairs there was soft furnishings and above the head of the cushions there were iPads - that was it - Jemma wanted to look. The staff were also very child friendly - and Jemma also peeped inside - the seats had a television screen attached - we are on a winner here.

We looked at comments on foursquare and it was indicated that it was more expensive - but with the treatment that our daughter got we will go back here.

Thank you

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Phuket Happenings - December 2013 + January 2014

Wat Chalaong Temple Fair 2014
This was certainly a busy month with so much going on I thought that I would miss this month out!

In fact I don't know how much we actually did because it seemed like we never stopped! 

The month began with rain so I was a little worried but...

So what else happened?

Chaos in Bangkok with the collapsing of the Government but who replaces them?
We cannot elect a Government because the current political party would be re-elected - wouldn't they?

Phuket Governor Maitri Inthusut led a ceremony at Saphan Hin on Sunday to free 22 cows and over a million marine animals in honor of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 86th birthday on December 5th.
I liked this story.

The Killer of a US Marine whilst in Phuket (Lee Aldhouse) is
"happy to serve time in Thailand"
- not sure what this means?

A Phuket Visa Run crashes in Malaysia
- another reason not to take a Visa-Run...

Tourists cost the hospitals a fortune in Healthcare but no compulsory Insurance.
So much is left as unpaid bills.
- i doubt this will go away...

Phuket Town is a place to visit in Phuket and I hope that it does not get hijacked by 'entrepreneurs' and left ravaged.

- this is not just my opinion

A bus slips off Kata Hill and the cement bags fall
are there guidelines? NO

The Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) takes water pollution samples
 of Phuket Beaches but results are kept secret

The Phuket Taxi scandal at Central Festival slows down
- much like the traffic outside then!

A tourist dies after fall from Jet-Ski 
another reason not to hire one. 

Phuket prisoner electrocute after climbing over electric fence.
guess they are plugged in 
- as the speed cameras do not have film they assumed wrong

Karon Beach is named as Phuket's Deadliest Beach 
- not a welcome prize and what will be done about this?

Ghost riding Russian drives motorbike in the wrong lane and has an accident
and what does this tell you?

Bad Spirits are to blame for the increase in accidents? (sic)
I wonder who laughed when this was printed?

Thailand and 7-eleven launch anti-plastic bag campaign 
- i haven't noticed it here in Phuket.

Foreigners posing as deaf people to receive donations 
and their passports stamped and they were asked to leave?

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