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Where shall I go in China Town in Bangkok?

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One of the city's brightest, most vibrant and interesting districts, Chinatown is packed with some of the best tourist spots in Bangkok including great museums and amazing temples. See the top sights with our Chinatown Walking Tour.

The best way to do this is to do the Walking Tour in Bangkok and China Town.

1) China Town Gateway - here 

2) Wat Thep Surin Thrawat - here 

3) Bangkok Art and Culture Centre - here

4) Jim Thompson House - here 

5) Ganesha Shrine - here 

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Alex Face and Chaloem la Bridge 56

The Chaloem la Bridge 56 is adjacent to the Hua Chuang boat stop for the river taxi. I have stopped here to visit the Yelo House for a coffee and a wander along the khlong. There is a lot of street art along here...

The Chaloem la Bridge 56 is certainly an ornate bridge - there are elephants on either side.

Then I took the steps down to pick up the river taxi and saw two Alex Face on the other side - so I crossed over.

There was more street art on the other side.

Recently I visited the CityCity Gallery to see some Alex Face - SOS Souled Out.


Combination Platter at Central Embassy

Had to visit this one.

Okay I did not understand...

I read the booklet.

I still did not understand.

By an artist under the name of Madaski - here's some information.

Then the Thailand Tatler described it a Vandalised Fine Art classics...

I still do not understand - interestingly a comment indicated that the original artists should be compensated, what do you think?

CHATA speciality coffee

CHATA speciality coffee was somewhere that I stumbled upon when I was looking for some brief respite from the chaos of the Chinese New Year Festival. And what a surprise it was!

It was what seemed like a home with a coffee shop behind it. The entrance was simply organised and I briefly thought that I was somewhere in Europe.

Especially with the floor tiles and the chess set...

The Cafe was actually at the back and down the side of the house - a bit puzzling but I did not care. BUT then I read that the house was a hotel - Baan 2459. And this was a beautiful place to stay, another time...

Never mind I went for a coffee - but chose not to sit inside.

Sitting at the front of the house it all felt a bit 'colonial' - a green lawn, a chess set, a gramophone (with a digital speaker below) 

and then the bicycle.

There seemed to be a lot more here than I first thought - so I would have to return.

More Cafes in Bangkok are here -

Phone Number: 084 625 2324
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 98 Pat Sai 
Hours: 8am - 5pm


Flip the Fan

The fans here are the Tailpot fan - commonly seen when a Buddhist monk is chanting but is also used to protect from the sun and rain.

For the use by the monk there have been designs to reflect the even that the monk is attending - from the colour, the fabric used, the design on the fan for example.

The display here shows artists who have used a variety of different techniques to create fans which break the current limitations of the fan art and break into the contemporary scene.

For more information please click here the exhibition closes on the 27th of May.

Hua Hin

Only been to Hua Hin a couple of times - but here are some ideas

Using a Buddhist statue in your home
After living in Thailand for 17 years I have got used to seeing these posters scattered in Thailand - especially near the airport.

Then I visited Australia and found this shop.

I wondered whether the statues were replicas

and then I wondered whether it mattered?

What do you think?

Export of Buddha images outside the country 
Antiques or artifacts, whether or not they have been registered, are prohibited to be exported or dispatched from Thailand, unless there is a permit from the Fine Arts Department’s director general  according to the criteria, procedures and conditions specified in the ministerial regulations no. 5 in B.E. 2539 (1996).
In case the antiques or artifacts permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand are religious Buddha images or icons, the person who receives the permit must clarify the purpose of the export of such antiques or artifacts. Only Buddha and religious images which are intact and are for the purpose of worships, researches, or exhibitions are permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand. Export or dispatch of parts of such items is not allowed. - Suvarnabhumi Airport 

Here's the law in Thailand...

Walking Routes in Bangkok 1 - Yaowarat

Route One of the Walking Routes in Bangkok.

Stop 1: Yaowarat China Town Heritage Museum - this is an amazing place to visit but can be very busy

Stop 2: China Town Gateway  - a wonderful and unexpected part of a roundabout marking one entrance to China Town,built in 1999 to commemorate the King's birthday 

Stop 3: Eiah Sae 益生 - this is one of the last traditional coffee shops that can be found in Bangkok

Stop 4: Tang Toh Kang Gold Shop - one of the original gold shops in Bangkok - still trading and there is a museum (but not always open)

Stop 5: Thai Heng Restaurant - a traditional Chinese restaurant which is very popular with the local community

Stop 6: Wat Bampen Chine Prote (Wat Yong Hok Yi) วัดบำเพ็ญจีนพรต (วัดย่งฮกยี่) - a large  Wat with lots of places to investigate

Stop 7: Wat Kanmatuyaram (Wat Yo Khan Tue) วัดกันมาตุยาราม - a Sri-Lankan style bell can be found in the grounds

Stop 8: Wat Mangkon Kamalawat - still known as Wat Leng Noei Yi and is a very large structure

Stop 9: Leng Buai la Shrine - a small shrine with an ancient bell and a special incense burner inside 

Stop 10: Thian Fah Foundation Hospital - started in 1902 and their goal was to treat the impoverished

Walking Route Two in Bangkok - Nang Leong.
Walking Route Three in Bangkok - Thonburi.
Walking Route in Bangkok - John Bush and more.
Walking Route in Bangkok - Bangkok Dolls and more.

Bizarre Thailand by Jim Algie

Just got this book and already it is full of circles and arrows to where I want to go next.

Trying to make a map of all the places.

A trip to Chachoengsao

Wat Samanrattanaram was our first stop

and we searched for the big elephant (of course) - it was smaller than I thought though.

The Khlong Khuean Ganesh International Park - อุทยานพระพิฆเนศ องค์ยืน คลองเขื่อน ฉะเชิงเทรา - very busy with people.

Wat Paknam Jolo - วัดปากน้ำ(โจ้โล้) - gold was everywhere

We stayed at the River Breeze 

which was next to the river - quite beautiful.

Then we found an enormous Chinese Temple - Sawang Satthatham Foundation - 
มูลนิธิสว่างศรัทธาธรรมกุศลธรรมมูลนิธิ .

 Time to visit a market - Baan Mai Market - 100 years old -  and we found a small coffee shop by the river - the Red Cat Cafe.

Then the shiny enormous temple - Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - by the river.

Time for some lunch by the river at บ้านไม้ริมน้ำ - great and we bought some more fresh mango.

Then the metallic Wat - Wat Hua Suan - a wonderful example of a Wat - then it was time to go home...

the full map is here