Mooncakes in Bangkok

On having lunch at the Siam Paragon I was reminded that it was the Mooncake Festival.

After looking through all the fliers and reading where to buy a Mooncake in Bangkok I chose to go to  W Bangkok for a peanut butter mooncake and a pot of tea. But I was too late - I had no time...

So I was surprised to see a stand from the W Bangkok at Snapbox in the Park Ventures where I had lunch!

I had to try a peanut butter one - especially as my last exploration into mooncakes in Phuket did not have good results.

Wonderful - I purchased one to take home and share.

Alex Face in Bangkok

I have seen a number of Alex Face in Bangkok

This was beside the river

Behind a Shopping Mall

Not sure about these two - I would have to look at FourSquare...

But this was a pretty cool one on a boat - follow Alex Face on Instagram


Bangkok Art and Culture Center - things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) was a place that I walked past when I was visiting somewhere else - not that I can remember where at this time though...

Here is some background of the property on the website - but could find nothing mentioned about the hiccup mentioned in the App I was using - Bangkok City Walks.

It was quite a surprise as I came upon it - on the crossroads which I was trying to traverse and I went up to take a photo of the street graffiti by Alex Face. So on entering I did not know quite what to expect and wow - it was almost like I was in a Design museum in the UK.

After looking at the design of the museum on the Website I only think I did 50% because I was so busy going somewhere else. I had a wonderful time - I will certainly have to go back again. So what do I recall of my quick visit?

The mask exhibition was my favorite - the colors and the vibrancy were wonderful here. I could have stayed in here for much, much longer...

Then there was the great number of little shops for you to buy something in - all very interesting.

Book Shops

Ice Cream Shops

and so much more...

Then there were a number of more displays along the circular corridor around the levels in the building - but I think that I only managed 4 levels? 

Lunchtime in Bangkok

The longer I am in Bangkok the more I enjoy taking the River Taxi - apart from when I get an enormous splash that is though... Got the River Taxi at Witthayu Bridge and travelled to Phanfa Bridge.

This time I walked in another direction and found that there was Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall - but this had only guided tours so I would have to come back to visit here.

So I continued to the Victory Monument.

I did wonder whether these kids were all playing the same game? (I didn't ask).

Then it was time for a coffee - found a fascinating coffee shop - "Head above the Clouds" - devoted to Salvador Dali...

I was now on the edge of the original wall surrounding the city.

Then I came upon Wat Bowonniwet Vihara - a spectacular Wat with an amazing history - certainly worth visiting again.

Then onto the Khao San Road - not a lot changes here.

Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawiharn วัดชนะสงครามราชาวรมหาวิหาร was the next visit for me - a temple which was very busy with people visiting to pay respects - I was not in very long.

Then behind I saw Loha Prasat Metal Castle - โลหะปราสาท - this was definitely impressive and I believe that it is the only Metal Castle in the World?

Then I saw a sign that this was the zero kilometer marker - I did not know this existed.

Then a visit to the Queens Gallery - beautiful...

Thailand information / Packing List

A list for people who like lists...

Paving Stones in Bangkok

Reading a number of emails everyday I noticed a story that kept coming back - that of the condition of the Paving Stones - so I clicked it and...

There was even a Facebook Page for it.

Then I looked at the paving stones...

Well I don't think that parking on them helps...

and the following week it was worse...

But then they fixed them - let's see how long they last...

So they put up protection this time...

Google Maps - Navigation & Transport

How can I remember all I want to see?


Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information that you need to get there.

Get there faster with real-time updates
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Discover places and explore like a local
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• Detailed business information on over 100 million places

* Some features not available in all countries
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

This is an App which I have only used rarely whilst I was living in Phuket. The phone always gave me the choice to use a particular map and I think that I always chose 'Maps'.

Then on moving to Bangkok there were so many places that I wanted to visit and I found that you could make a list of all the places that you wanted to go - so you would not forget.

There was also the added bonus of using google on my blog by starring all the places and they were all there as well. I haven't started really using it yet - oh and it can tell you how far away places are from where you are and how to get there...
Cost: Free
Ease of use: simple
Comment: wonderful for storing all those places to visit