Entrance fee to Bang Pae and Tonsai Waterfall

I have visited the Bang-Pae waterfall and Tonsai waterfall twice in the last 2 weeks.  

The Waterfalls are in the Khao Phra National Park - on the North East of Phuket - near the new airfield. My post today is not about the waterfalls - that is later. At the waterfalls they have the most beautiful tickets - gibbons (my fav.), elephants, tigers, buffalo, deer.  I always receive a plethora of them - despite the 200 Baht entrance ticket being only the elephant.

Thank you to the Park Keepers for this because I had a little girl with me today who loved the gibbon one AND someone else's ticket was stamped with their birthday, even though it wasn't her birthday that day!

Please don't forget to keep your ticket if you want to visit both waterfalls.

The Gibbons at the Gibbon Sanctuary were very noisy today - but that is a blog that I have yet to write - 2009 blog.
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