Seashells in Phuket - 2 buy or not 2 buy?

A question that I get a lot is that tourists are not allowed to take shells from the beach  - including coral that is broken – Why?

But there are are shells for sale all over Phuket - the above photograph 
was from Rawai - 7/6/10.

I can only say that the shells that are found scattered on the beaches in Phuket are the homes of a number of marine creatures and is the sand for tomorrow’s children.

It is thus illegal to sell seashells from the waters of Thailand – but I hear visitors cry that there are shells all over Phuket for sale!!!!!! 

These shells (so I read - but how do I know?) are mostly from Indonesia – so it does not matter if it the sand for children not in Thailand or the homes for marine life not living in Thailand?


  1. i like to visit these places n look ..... can i know what i have to do ...?????

  2. Hi Ibrahim - I always visit everything and look. Make a list of the things you would like to see when you visit Thailand and make sure that you don't lose the list.

    But please be aware that whilst you are out there are always a great many more things to do.

    Phuket Old Town is a good example of somewhere to investigate -


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