Dolphins in Phuket

We left Cape Panwa Hotel at approximately 3 o'clock in the afternoon - it looked like a lovely day - there were people canoeing and you can see Panwa House in the distance.

We were taken care of by the John Gray of John Gray Sea Canoe - we reached Mai Ton Island in approximately 30 minutes. I have not visited Mai Ton Island but I was told that it would cost us 500 Baht each to go on there using the pier.

We began to circle Mai Ton Island and we were immediately made aware of a pod of dolphins swimming around us.

Then John Gray told the boat captain to simply follow the pod carefully...

It was clear that there was more than one dolphin pod. A canoe was released to attract the attention of the pod - this didn't work - we had to simply wait...

Then one jumped - it was beautiful...

Sitting on the brow of the boat it was clear that they were swimming around in a pattern.

Then looking carefully the pod was made up of adult and young dolphins.

I kept catching the dolphin and their tail going into the air but there were no more jumps forthcoming.

But we must have sat there and watched for 2-3 hours - lovely. 

During that time there was very little other activity - there was the occasional fishing vessel, twice there was a tourist boat one of which took their clientele snorkelling.

It was something that we would do again. If you are interested in this trip please contact John Gray Sea Canoe for more information.

Keep dolphins wild and DO NOT visit the Phuket Dolphinarium.