Phuket Vegetarian Festival - possession and piercing 2015

The sun began to rise as I arrived - drums were beating and thoughts swept through my mind... was I right in doing this? was I at the right time?

I took my shoes off and walked carefully into the shrine to take some photographs for list of Chinese Shrines which I had visited in Phuket... This was something that I have seen the possessed hit themselves with during the festival. Slowly things began to change - the car stereo was turned on, people came from the tents behind and then people began to collect things.

The drumming continued as a greater and louder pace - it really was quite hypnotising... Thank you to the staff who took me to the front for photography - the chosen began to react to the beating and fall under a trance...

See both of these two later...

I did try Periscope and this was the most popular one.

Then everything started...

People were quickly under a trance.

The Head Mae Song was ready first and guided the proceedings.

Then people were blessed by him, I have to admit that it was a great show of respect.

Then the piercings began to move outside...

The Head Mae Song took firm control of the proceedings.

Then the organisations began and people were ready for the parade.

The Head Mae Song performed for us all.

Wonderful feeling in the Shrine area - everyone focused on the one thing.

Thank you for welcoming me to this special morning.