Worldwide Photowalk 2015 - Phuket

Our Photowalk was going to start at the viewpoint on the top of Rang Hill, just north of Phuket Town.

This was supposed to give us a view to the seas.... but it didn't! There seemed to be an inordinate amount of haze there in the morning so nothing was taken there. One person joined me and my daughter and their name was Cindy.

We started down the hill and it was extremely hot! I am happy that I had been there earlier and shortened the route. We walked down through the Fitness Park which was deserted but had some new equipment in so it might have got busy later in the day.

Our next stop was where the monks had added material to the trees and I think that this was to discourage buildings being erected?

Wat Khao Rang was next and we arrived to the chanting of the monks. We made our way above the prayer room to the Golden Buddha statue.

We made our way under it

and we rang the bell. My daughter was very clear that she wanted to give some money to the poor women waiting  - thank you to Cindy for the money.

Then we walked down to the road to the temple adjacent to it - stunning outside

stunning around it and 

stunning inside.

But what was this they were drying in the sun? 

Then it was down, up and over the hill to the Chinese Shrine at the bottom - Sam Se Je Hud (ศาลเจ้าซำเซ้ จู้ฮุด เขารัง).

They are building more of it still but this statue is wonderful.

Thank you for joining me.

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