Crackdown on Religious tattoos

Crackdown ordered on Religious tattoos in Phuket.

Interesting - there has been an increase in the amount of these icons being painted.  Clearly there are restrictions on a religion - such as the lowest form of the body in Buddhism is the foot so to have a Buddhist Icon tattooed on your foot would be deemed an insult.

Here are some examples of Temple Tattoos 
- but why are they on the person?

But tattoos are fashionable.  They were a small item, concealed (mine is) or brutally done somewhere. The tattoo is now a fashion - I remember when David Beckham had the name of his child tattooed on him and the outcry then - also recently when you could see a tattoo above his collar when he attended the Royal Wedding.

The tattoo is now a work of art - Phuket and Thailand does receive revenue from overseas travellers, indirectly and directly - if the traveller does not come to Thailand there will be other places in Asia which they can travel? 

I wonder what the charge will be to...?

Note: I now I read that Angeline Jolie is blamed for this rise and the issue has made the front of the Bangkok Post (Sunday 5th June).

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  1. A code of ethics drafted by the Phuket Culture Office .... If tattoo artist is to … an image in an inappropriate they ‘pay respects accordingly’’ HOW?


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