Big Buddah - was it all done properly?

Big Buddah was always an attraction that was an attraction only for it's merits - until Absolute was there - but then I read that the concept is behind time and there are planning permission issues..

The foundation must pull down all unauthorized buildings at the site that are not directly related to authorized construction, said Phoppol Sirilugsanapong, head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment office in Phuket.

Buildings that would need to be dismantled include kuti (sleeping quarters for monks) and a large hall used to sell souvenirs such as Buddhist amulets, stage dhamma talks and offer visitors numerous ways to “make merit”, Mr Phoppol said.

Text is from the Phuket Gazette.

It is a real shame that something that was a celebration of the Thai Buddhist Faith is being dragged through this!

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