Timeshares are back

It is wonderful to read in the ThaiVisa Forum a crackdown on the illegal timeshare - but this has been written about a number of times - my last blog was in February and it was the same sign.  Still torn at the left hand corner - I wonder what is missing there?

The forum has two interesting comments  in it

POINT 1....
Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukkaban identified three types of timeshare companies operating on the island.

“There are genuine timeshare companies that are registered and have their own offices, such as the operation run at the JW Marriott [Resort & Spa in Mai Khao]

and which are the other 2 types, or cant you mention them? name and shame? Nice back hander from Mr Marriott?

POINT 2...
The complaints alleged that more than 100 foreign workers were on the streets of Patong selling timeshare without work permits.

let's see what happens...

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