Baby Surrogacy in Thailand

14 women were deported from Thailand recently - well reported in the Phuket Gazette.

A group of Vietnamese women were recently 'repatriated' to Vietnam from Thailand and the reason (I believe) is that the women were being paid to carry the babies  is that they did not have a work permit?

Logically then if they were Thai women then they would be allowed to carry the baby? Do Thai women need to have a work permit for this?

I do not understand why the Vietnamese women came here to have their babies? Is the Health Care here superior to that of the Vietnamese - after all it is an investment?

So what happened to all the monies that were being paid for the unborn / born children?  Who will take care of the children - what is their future? That is not an issue for those who decide and of course the parent was in Thailand illegally so the child has no support - where is the middle man with the money (Lau Pun - The Boss)  Where are the people who are purchasing these babies?

Baby101 (a eugenics service) was the company linked to this and I would tell the company to a teacher to look at their English - it is supposed to be a company which deals a sensitive issue - not reading their website!

Important Notice:
Babe101 Not Use Thailand surrogacy mother. The protection of the law is absolutely. Hundred percent peace of mind you have no worries.

a surrogate for you?
Babe101 do not use Thailand Surrogacy - the women were Vietnamese! - so that's okay?

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