Elephant Riding...

Image courtesy of Instagram and Tourism Thailand

We have read about the Dolphins and the cruelty, I have written how terrible Phuket Zoo, I have cuddled a tiger and I have been elephant riding.

But I was not prepared for the comments on the post by Tourism Thailand of someone riding an elephant..

  • mrsprincekyuIf they had bullhooks, which I suspect they did looking at that elephant's head then I would not call that a "respected environment".
  • mrsprincekyu@csanchiz yup just a quick Google search of this "camp" pulls up pictures of the Mahouts with bull hooks and tugging the elephants around by their ears. This is not a respectful place for the elephant and I don't know how you could call the responsible tourism when there are other sanctuaries nearby where the elephants are not treated like this.

  • A wedding that I was involved...
Next time have a look at the elephant carefully - this includes me as well.

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