What’s that smelly fruit called?

Durian – I have no idea why people eat this fruit – I think it is revolting BUT so many of my friends eat it and tell me that it’s wonderful.

Every so often on my trips to Chantaburi  (my friend lives there) I am asked to bring some Durian back with me – it is at Chantaburi that the World Durian Festival in May is held.  

The Durian is a formidable looking fruit, (maybe a natural warning?) and the fruit is housed inside a skin of hardened spikes – which are certainly dangerous if it falls out of a tree and you are standing underneath.

The Durian housing is carefully split and the fruit emerges with a very distinctive smell (and taste) that reminds me of dirty socks. So the Durian always reaches my friend untouched and I never want any.

But I suggest that you try it because you might like it?

Look who else likes it...

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