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Thailand GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide, which recommends detailed articles around the country in relation to your current location. Developed by travelers and for travelers, GuideWithMe is a rich source of general travel info as well as off the beaten track advice.
Get around guides, phrase lists, warnings how to stay safe and healthy, restaurants and hotel recommendations, local costs and taxes, road rules and a variety of other info are carefully stored in one app.
Essentially complete articles with multiple hotel and restaurant listings are suggested for Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hat Yai, Chiang Rai, 
Phuket, Krabi and other travel destinations. 

• USE OFFLINE. Save money on roaming fees and refer to the articles even if you are offline and cellular data is not available. 

• DISCOVER ARTICLES RELATIVE TO YOUR LOCATION. Switch between country, region, city, travel topic articles recommended for your travel destination and current location. Thailand travel guide contains around 270 articles covering the whole country. 
• GET RELIABLE INFO. All info comes from wikivoyage project, which is constantly updated by adventurous travelers and aspiring writers. Articles are vividly illustrated with more than 510 well­ chosen pictures and images. 
• VIEW ON THE MAP. GuideWithMe is based on map data, provided by MAPS.ME, offline maps app. An option to view the place on offline map is offered. With MAPS.ME you will always have maps of any countries in your pocket. 


It was wonderful to see Phuket divided up into so many different places - it simply reflects how much of Phuket is not on the 'tourist map'.

Then the amount of information that was given to was far more than what I normally see - with the Phuket Cultural Centre one place which is certainly a place to visit (if you find that sort of thing interesting of course. (But note that the Butterfly Garden has closed).

Then there are some great descriptions as to the food that you must try.

Then there are all the other places around Thailand to investigate - I first looked at this when I was living in Phuket and it certainly needs me to look at it again since we are living in Bangkok.

Cost: Free
Ease of use: just read carefully the buttons
Comment: certainly an App to have a browse with before you are on holiday

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