Wat Si Bun Rueang - places to visit in Bangkok

Wat Si Bun Rueang is a temple that I walk past each morning on the way to the Ferry (River Taxi).

It is adjacent to a school and it means that the area can also be teaming with students.

It is a wonderful spot and it was the last thing that I had anticipated as I walk to get the River Taxi. 

The main building is used on a regular occasion an outlying ones on a less regular one.

The most interesting thing that we found on our recent visits were the albino animals - possibly donated to the temple instead of put down?

Is it also possible that the dung from the animals is also kept for a specific reason?

Then there were the Sacred Stone balls

"These sacred stone balls, usually nine, are called ลูกนิมิต in the Thai language and are placed at the four corners and other cardinal points of the พระอุโบสถ.  With one stone (often slightly larger)  situated under the main Buddha image inside the ordination hall."

But I do not know whether the colour meant anything else however?

Then there are the rows of bells next to an entrance - which I believe many followers ring when they enter? The significance of this I have not confirmed.

A favorite of mine is the black large circular bell having on two ropes which is struck three times. Or by stroking it in the middle repetitively make a strange echoing sound.

They seem to be taking care of the grounds around at the current moment - but this character is in more than one Wat that I have visited?

A wonderful temple which in the evening has a local food market for those of us going home. 

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