Phuket News ++: February 2010

Catch a pig and take it home? I did not find a lot about this practice.

Chang Beer supports the Patong Beach Party (February 13th) - i do not think that they will get as much press as Leo beer did with their calendar of pretty ladies. Photobucket have removed some pictures of the ladies (why only some?) so i say "Roll on YouTube" where you can see the girls on video.

Thaksin and GT 200 are the stories at the moment

The Government are going to smash out Piracy - this is a photograph which I have seen before and what happens?

Phuket Old Town Festival - fingers crossed I can get to this. I did - see my visit

Chalong Temple Fair - not sure I can make this one but Jamie did

More accidents in Phuket - don't think that i will get a motorbike

Ouch - a motorbike accident and the pilot loses his leg, the passerby speaks to his fiancee about the accident and then takes the phone - this is Phuket.

Valium - the kid thought that they were legal.

The Telephone number Patong Hospital has been wrong for 5 months - it rings but nobody answers.

The Plastic Bag scheme to charge the user 2 baht for a plastic bag (starting February the 14th) in Phuket is not supported by a major retailer 7-Eleven.  Did the organisers not contact them before they printed the posters and the PR?


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