Western - 'beg packers' in Thailand

Living in Bangkok and wandering around I see this but Richard Barrow has helped by producing this

Q & A from the TAT about reports that some tourists were refused entry to Thailand

If you read the Q&A then if you are coming as a tourist and are worried it should be read, in the words which I have read from here.

"My opinion on this is that Immigration are cracking down on people using tourist visas to work or live in Thailand. The average tourist coming here on a two week holiday is not going to get refused entry. But, if they are suspicious, Immigration may ask for some documents like hotel bookings, onward flight and maybe cash."

"This random inspection only aims at tourists who may appear as not being able to cover their travel expenses during their stay in Thailand. Thai Immigration will take into consideration all possible facts or information provided by the tourists before making an informed decision whether to grant an entry."