Bean to Coffee

There was a promise that I made to my parents when I came to live in Phuket and that was that I would never open a bar or a coffee shop - I never have and I never will.

The attractive proposition at the moment in Phuket seems to me to be opening a coffee shop - now I really would drink far too much if I was running a coffee shop - I think that I will stick to writing about coffee shops in Phuket...

These photographs were taken a year ago (before they demolished Thainaan Restaurant) of a coffee shop / mall project. It is actually behind a failed Yoga project which was built from the ashes of a Fitness gym...

So i guess they are other projects which may look attractive but are not as easy as one thinks that they are.

It did look like an attractive project but looking at it's position was it really in a good place? Would it have been a success? What was planned for this area?

I think that I will stick going to work each morning...

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