Phuket News ++: February 2011

Whoops - missed the Deep South Food Fair and the Patong Gay Parade and the Chalong Temple Fireworks.

But the most disturbing thing that I have read this month is the amount of shootings that are taking place in Phuket - too many to list here, very depressing.  But then I read a story about the man who fled his assassination attempt...

Patong Tuk Tuk drivers complain about the new one way system change...

They are building a 'shelter' for tourists who 'fall on hard times'.  Is there any position the respective embassies take?

Is Lee Aldhouse coming back? - Read this

Why is the Mangrove area being destroyed now? Phuket does not need this land - maybe the people who willl have the land connected to it will?  My comment reflects the article written in the Phuket Gazette - who was involved and they need to be questioned.

Entertainers for Chinese New Year in Phuket Town.

Are they dreaming? - Tuk Tuks to set a maximum fare in Phuket...

Phuket Sea gypsies may lose their ancient burial ground.

Siam Safari have an accident, this time with the elephant - 
not sure that I should keep recommending them...

Sunbathing in Phuket topless is illegal - but nobody takes any notice.

Would you really hire a Jet Ski in Phuket... okay i did but it was 20 years ago...

The one way system in Patong is chaos - so they change it.
For better or worse?
The Tuk - Tuk drivers don't like it

Then I read...
Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukhaban argued that ...
Open-air tuk-tuks were more expensive to buy than air-conditioned taxis, he added.

  Suvarnabhumi named 5th best airport - i would like to know what the others were AND it is not a super airport for the traveller, so who is marking it?

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