Nuclear tragedy in Japan

We pray for those people who have had their lives destroyed by the Tsunami in Japan but the we read about the 'paperwork' being not exactly correct in the Nuclear Power Stations.
What would this control be like if it was managed by the Thai government?

"We are corrupt through and through.

From ex-PM Thaksin (PhD in Criminal Justice) to the cop who wants to give you a ticket.

Our army chief purchases equipment that works only one time in five, endangering his men's lives, e.g. GT200 bomb scanners. 

Our army can't even keep track of how many M16 rifles it has; our air force proudly buys Gripen jet fighters - used by no major air force in the world.

Forget nuclear power. 
Seek to fix our serious shortcomings instead. 
In the meantime, use something less dangerous"

This is taken from the Bangkok Post and written by a Thai

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