Phuket News ++: March 2011

March was a busy month - it was my birthday...

We went to Disney on Ice in Bangkok - well I went shopping whilst my family went!

There was an 'Elephant Tragedy' - same company as previous my personal experience BUT no one lost their life...

A Finnish tourists dies in their room - but not suspicious (Police) 
Drive by shooting
Tourist dies in jet ski accident
A Englishman commits suicide 
A German man dies after Penile injection.. 
a lot of deaths... look at the related stories on previous link

Then there is an accident on Patong Hill - waiting to happen AND they want to build through it - NO THANK YOU

The contract for the beach lifeguards has expired - because?

A number plate for 1.4 million Baht - someone has too much money

Wear a condom - we are warned that HIV in Phuket ladyboys is up and also other young people (but the headline is not as grabbing).

A dead leather-back turtle (200kg).

Blackouts in Phuket - NOTHING to do with the preservation of power... that's coming soon...

Apparently a Jet-Ski accident.

Artificial reefs are sunk off the coast to attract fish and coral growth.
But didn't they sink planes recently?
How does this deter illegal fishing?

Lee Aldhouse extradition - good luck.

Meters for motorbikes! - in Phuket?!?

Missed the Heroine's Festival in Phuket.

A revered monk's (Luangta Maha Bua) bones enshrined in Wat Lang San in Phuket Town.

Still arguing over whether the Thai airways staff should be fit is a sexual discrimination issue OR simply to ensure passenger safety / safe fuel - which would have to include the passenger as well.

Okay NOT Thailand BUT Cambodia has issued a statement;
Male foreigners over 50 outlawed from marrying Cambodian Women
What's next for Thailand?
The same - same same

ATM skimmers caught in Phuket - apparently the scam is to skim the cards in Europe and print the cards in Thailand and use the Thai banks because their technology is old?

More control for fish spas needed - they always seemed to be too simple.

Then there is a baby surrogacy ring broken up in Bangkok
"The business, called Baby 101, advertises surrogate motherhood services in Thailand"

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