Phuket - December 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

So the army instruct us that they are going to demolish the Phuket Beach Club in Nai Yang (29 November)
- did they?
- as we speak (8 Dec)

  How many Star Wars Trailers 7 are there - looking good :)

- i wonder whether the Insurance Premium was too much?

- who pays the bill of the swimmer?

"POLICE YESTERDAY confirmed that they had met and interviewed fugitive billionaire businessman Nopporn Suppipat"
- but he has now allegedly fled the country...

Man with Iguana in Patong arrested 

- i wonder what he did wrong to someone? ;)

Phuket Homeworks shelves collapse 
- guess we will not be going in there!
- comments are entertaining to read 

DNP applies for land to be returned to the Thai people 
- no comment from the people with the papers...
- what will happen to the buildings?

There are still accidents happening with coaches on Patong Hill!
- but then I read
A Patong Hill bus ban was put in place in February and bars buses and large trucks from crossing Phuket’s most infamous hill from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm (story here).
- See more at:

Russians break into a Buddhist Temple and impersonate Monks 
- fined and/or jailed for impersonation of a Holy person
 fined and/or jailed for no work permit?