Wild pigs, coffee, dim sum, toys, bubble tea, coffee, Chinese Shrines and Japanese

This was a day off so I started all days with something different.

I found the pack of Wild pigs (if that's right) and then proceeded to swiftly walk away because they began to chase me and I really did not want to have a discussion with the animals - especially as I had no food...

So the next step was to take a coffee at the Bake and more (a bit early today though and they were not quite ready).

So I finished the chapter on the book that I was reading and I swiftly made my way to a popular local Dim Sum restaurant -จนทรจรา ตมซำ (Janjira) - delicious but I had very little to know what it was that I was eating (no menu, simply point at) - a review will be posted here.

Following this I wandered into Phuket Town via Big C for toys to buy.

Then it was on to Central Festival but I was too early - only discovered this as I crossed the bridge - I do not think that this will be finished this year and there is little news on the tunnel through Patong Hill (an aside).

 Then to ธดาพร ของเลนa Toy Shop FULL of toys (not all of real quality) but what a visit... and bought so much.

This weight of bags meant that I needed to take a break in the air-conditioning of the Phuket Tea Station - lovely. After this refresh stop I decided to walk to Wat Kosit Wihan - I must add this to my map but I have not yet.

View Buddhist Temples in Phuket in a larger map

BUT on the way I could not resist 'popping in' to the Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine at the bottom of Rang Hill the Shrine is always a pleasure and I do like to visit.

As I strolled the Mae Luan Road I found that there was a new coffee shop Sweet 'n Treats (a review to come her) so I had to stop there.

It was at this time that I noticed that there was รานพกนจน a shop across the street which sold articles for use in the Chinese Shrines which I so like to visit. Just been asked for some 'Moon Blocks' which are used on the Chinese Shrine and I hope that I am able to purchase them here.

Here I was welcomed and allowed to take photographs (a review to come here) and then given an Amulet. The shop has a website site if you are interested.

After this we went to Fuji at Central Festival for our Japanese lunch.

Followed by a visit to the Indy Market in Phuket Town