Chinese Shrine Tour of Phuket Old Town

Leaving work to ensure that I did not get stuck in a traffic jam was a blessing - 

I was able to pop into โรงโกป บานแถวนำ for a 'wake up' coffee and it certainly was a wake up. The staff were so welcoming and then one of them introduced himself to me as he knew Khun Jaroon - a local Muay Thai Boxing Trainer and Bell Boy at Cape Panwa Hotel.

Pud Jor Shrine (ศาลเจาปดจอ)

This Shrine is located at the end of Ranong Road where the local market is in Phuket Town.

This is a shrine that I have visited a number of times previously but it is now usually because it is a part of The Vegetarian Festival.

Jui Tui Shrine (ศาลเจาจยตยเตาโบเกง)

The Jui Tui Shrine is one which is located above a small klong and I often wonder whether this klong runs beneath it but I have never jumped it to look.

There is a time to visit here and it is during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. 

This is because there is a small 'Offering Area' between both of the shrines which I have only ever seen open during this time - behind this door.

This is a shrine that is situated next to the Pud Jor Shrine so you really do not visit here more than the other - but my blogs indicate that I do?

Sang Tham Shrine (ศาลเจาแสงธรรม เตงกองตอง)

This is a shrine that is in the heat of Phuket Old Town and is being renovated (and I think that it is complete) - here is my first visit and my subsequent visit when I learnt that there were two names - the Shrine of the Serene is a popular more.

Bang Neow Shrine (ศาลเจาบางเหนยวเตาโบเกง มลนธเทพราศร)

This is a shrine that is popular with me because it is in the heart of Phuket Town and near to lots of places which I like to visit (second hand shoes, camera shop, cheesecake shop, Robinson's and Gaetana to name a few) so I have visited a number of times.

Jiu Tean Geng Shrine (ศาลเจากวเทยนเกง)

This was a shrine that I first visited as the finale of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival but it is equally as wonderful in the dark and there does seem to be some investment (2014) - this shrine. I have also known it as Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine.

Thank you to the TAT in Phuket Town for organising this for us

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