Phuket Old Town Festival 2014

I love Phuket Old Town so when they decided to close three roads (and a bit more) I really must visit. I actually visited twice - once was a family visit with my daughter loving the cockatoo from Phuket Bird Park and my wife buying me the best Chiang Mai sausages that I have had since our trip to Chiang Mai!

The next day and it was the turn of a bus from work where I took some guests who had stayed with us previously and also met some staff - both times a lot of fun.

The Phuket Old Town Festival was a small event when it started and I have watched it each year (2013, 2012) get bigger and bigger. 

Arriving early (before 6 pm) is always great because I was able to get a better idea of what there was to see and there is an awful amount normally.

The lady of Phuket Town was present - nice to see that she visited - and she watched the violins play.


They seemed to gather predominantly on Rasada Road and at the end of the road there was a stage whether there were bands playing, Hip Hop dancing and then Flamenco Dancing.

But there was my favourite - a dancer with two extra people on a stick - wonderful last year and wonderful this year...

Then there was the Brass Band from a school.


Well this seemed to be everywhere - from Bugs, to Fairy Cakes, to Chiang Mai sausages, to deep fried crabs (the small ones), to sticky rice, to doughnuts...


There are a number here to visit but I chose to visit Route 68 which meant that I could eat all the delicious sausages and drink cold beer whilst watching the lights changing at Soi Rommani

Things to buy

There does seem to be a bit of the regular items on sale - but the beauty of the things here to buy was that they were not for the tourist - the handbags, the toys and so much more.


One show was a puppet show on the traditional strings.

This wonderful because there was a small child involved in it and then there was also a big crocodile on strings, so it was a real pleasure watching the children enjoy themselves watching the story.

Then there was the more traditional Thai Puppet - the Shadow Puppets - this was performed by one man who had a number of them on the floor adjacent to him.

This Festival was for the local people of Phuket and there was a lot of them and I feel that this is what more it all the more enjoyable - see you next year.

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