Bangkok trip 4 work

Bangkok is a wonderfully interesting place to visit - even if it is just for work.

I do wonder whether selfie sticks are actually a good idea to use on the Apron of an airport when getting on the aeroplane? What do you think?

Lovely to have a metered taxi and I like the respect to Buddha. I stayed at Cape House near to the centre of Bangkok.

I loved the view out of the window - especially the Buddhist shrine that you can see if you look down and to the left. Found a Starbucks before bedtime and then a chocolate hit for lunch at Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf.

I visited the Erawan Shrine which was very close and it was lovely and as I read this I remember that I visited here only a fortnight before the terrible suicide bombings which occurred. Interesting to read that it is not a Buddhist Shrine but is actually Brahman

A great selection of flower offerings can be purchased outside

but they are not allowed to sell inside the shrine.

This was a rather unapproachable person selling birds to release... Popped into Central World - they have a great couple of shops selling cheap DVDs, a Teddy Bear shop, coffee shops and a number of places to find a gift.

Okay the motorbike should not be on the crossing but he did cross with everyone else?

Very soon it was time to get on the aeroplane to Phuket and the charging posts seemed a popular place to be...

See you again Bangkok.

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