Happy Songkran 2016

We visited Wat Thepnimint at 7:30 in the morning.

It was a busy morning with the Monks in the temple praying and the local people waiting patiently to give their gifts, inside the temple with the monks, making small offerings outside and buying breakfast from the numerous motorbike stalls.

Then the monks emerged from the Wat. I do feel blessed simply visiting a Wat and visiting a Wat is a must for all people visiting Phuket.

Gifts are given to the monks as they walk round.

Then the gifts are loaded into a truck behind, hung on the bolts, flowers place on the front seat and it works seamlessly well - beautiful.

Then it was time to complete;

1: the joss sticks placed at the door to the Wat.

2: the placing of the flags in the sand (for people who could not come?)
3: the lighting of the candles (for people who have passed way?)
4: the specific placing of the gold leaf on the Buddha (for specific reasons which I can' understand yet)
5: the pouring of the blessed water over the small Buddha statue placed at the front
6: the clipping  of money to a tree (a donation)
7: the putting of small coins under the different small monk statues

Then and Iced Coffee - Thai style...

Then a drive back to work...

Happy Songkran

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