Thailand Live Gastronomy

Visited the Thailand Live Gastronomy for lunch. When I had found the Soi - on Siam Square Soi 7 behind Siam Square 1 (thanks Richard) I was bombarded with a smell of cooking.

"The ‘Thailand Live Gastronomy’ festival is being organized as part of a strategy to put greater emphasis on Gastronomy Tourism, which is considered as an important part of travel and the unique local Thai experience.

The Thailand Live Gastronomy, which will be presented with a tagline ‘Flavours to the World’, is scheduled to take place from 25 to 27 August, at one of Bangkok’s famous shopping and dining venues, Siam Square." - text from The Nation - full text link above

There were certainly a lot of different foods to choose from - I had to circle twice before I knew where to start. The street was full of Thai people who were mostly carrying food and some tabes between the stalls.

To the sides were places which were selling the fruit and produces from Thailand but I was drawn to the smell (and the queues) for the cooking food.

The queue for the crispy duck was far too long and by now I was starving - 

so I went to the gyoza queue and 

then the crispy pork - I loved every bit - thank you.

But what did I drink?

I was intrigued by the queue for the 'Rainbow' produced though - it was bigger - I could not get to the front 

and relied on someone taking a photograph of theirs

and then another - but not sure what it was they were making. Now full I needed a coffee shop or a desert cafe...

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