Bangkok Lunch and Wats

The short trip from the office began with a trip on the river taxi. We changed at Pratunam - review coming here - and continued to the Phanfa Bridge - there was a lot of people and the Tuk Tuk drivers outside were very happy to see them all...

Quickly I turned the corner and proceeded to the Golden Mount or 'Phu Khao Thong' - a truly wonderful piece of architecture on a low hill, apparently worth visiting during Loy Krathong - a full review will appear here.

The steps wind their way around this mountain - not sure how many steps there are though - then there were beautiful decorations...

So when there was Golden Mount coffee shop and I was quite happy to stop there for a cappuccino. Then I continued to the very top - quite a walk and it was definitely worth it. At the top it was really quite busy with tourists and local's alike - tried a Facebook live up there but it could not match it's real beauty.

Walking down the other side of the Golden Mount I was taken by how much more there was.

The vultures of the Sraket Temple was a little of a surprise I must add - 

more photographs coming on

Then I was surprised to see people in the Khlong on paddle boards! Then I realized that they were clearing the Khlong - thank you.

Leaving the Golden Mount I walked to the front of Wat Saket - wonderful - a peaceful garden outside 

and another wonderful Wat.

Then it was time for lunch - deep fried pork and

Essan sausages.

Then it was off to another Wat Sitaram - a wonderful place.

Then it was time for another coffee at Blue Tree Coffee Bar.

And a wonderful walk back to the river taxi - thank you for a wonderful afternoon Bangkok.

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