Disaster strikes the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

"Monday night saw Bangkok again in world headlines for all the wrong reasons, with a bomb detonated in the heart of the Thai capital beside the revered Erawan Shrine. At this stage at least 21 people are believed to be dead and more than 100 injured. Authorities are yet to make any accusations and there has been no claim of responsibility."

"Some fingers have been pointed at the long-running insurgency in far southern Thailand, but it would be a drastic escalation for the secessionists of the far south to bring their grievances to Bangkok in this manner. The other main candidate would be an anti-junta or pro-royalist attack, but again, a bombing clearly designed to kill as many innocent bystanders as possible would be out of character for either of these groups. The main concern; was this a one-off despicable act or the first of a string of attacks?"

Text is from Travelfish 

12 people confirmed killed.
Our thoughts go out to those people.