Mother's Day, fish and turtle release.

On Mother's Day in Thailand to pay our respects to Her Royal Highness Queen Sirikit people released animals. I was lucky to be invited by the Phuket Aquarium to be involved in their organised celebrations.

The morning was a little grey when we arrived at Phuket Aquarium but that did not dampen (sic) our enthusiasm. 

The fish were prepared in bags when we arrived there at 10am. Introductions were made to the dignitaries present and short speeches were made - I ran out and left for a quick run around the aquarium - photographs will be posted soon here.

We all left Phuket aquarium and went to the local beach to release our fish and there was a lot of them and a lot of different types.

Then in the afternoon it was time to release the turtles!!

The turtles were staged - I wonder if they are tracked anywhere?

Have a selfie with a turtle...

We were at the Navy base beach this time and there were a lot more people and there was a drone - I would like to see the photographs from the drone - do you know who took the photographs?

To release a turtle you had to pick a lucky ticket but unfortunately we did not win a ticket - maybe next year?