Bike for Mom Phuket

Bike for Mom in Phuket 

Thousands of cyclists joined each other across Thailand in honour of 
Her Royal Highness the Queen Sirikit.

In Phuket we had a bicycle ride from City Hall in Phuket to Krabi and we finished in Sapan Hin.

Wearing shirts in the queen’s colour - sky-blue we cycled through the streets of Phuket through streets which were closed to traffic.

Thank you to all those who cheered us on in through the streets.

I would love to see the drone photographs and the helicopter photographs.

We will get Jemma a new bicycle...

We did meet the helicopter - Channel 3.

I loved the wheels on this bicycle - there were a lot more like this!

Coca-Cola vs. Water - who do you think won? 

We finished in Sapan Hin - street foods...

Note to remember - charge the GoPro (copy) using the plug... and wow it was hot - the iPhone stopped dialling numbers!!