Triposo - App for Phuket

What is there to see in Phuket?


One travel guide for the whole world. It's free and works offline.

Triposo offers you the best travel guide for your phone. Complete and up to date information from the best open sources and handy maps. Download city or country guides and use them offline while you travel. They are all free.


• Start the Triposo Travel Guide and pick the country you will be visiting. The download starts immediately.
• Download once and the guides work offline.
• The guide includes an overview map for the country and detailed city maps for the top cities.
• For major cities, you get a special city guide with information about all the major sights, a list of great restaurants and different nightlife options.
• Travel dashboard with currency converter, weather and useful phrases.

I chose to download the details of Southern Thailand - this can be viewed off-line which is always helpful.

Then I read that there were two downloads which you could have

This was great - I looked where I was and it gave me a number of ideas...

but then there were places that I was (at work for example) where there was nothing...

but then when I was near to an 'attraction' I was informed - clever!

The real point would be when it was linked to more information which was more complete and certainly up-to-date. I could help them with information? Then there is Jamie and his blog. I do not think that it would be difficult to do this?

Cost: free
Ease of use: simple to mange
Comment: this would be wonderful if it had more information

This is a link to a Thailand one - not yet reviewed