A Fun Run - a conundrum?

My training for this did not go very well (see previous blog) - but what the heck I could not cop out now and I did not have a very good excuse.

I packed my bag and got the 'kit' ready the night before - all ready.

I arrived at 7:30 and immediately thought that I was at the wrong place - I saw a plethora and well muscled and toned competitors... only to find out that these were competitors for the Ironman Triathalon Event!

It was entertaining watching everything happen and then the swimmers for the Triathalon arrived at speed and they ran to their bikes - wow.  The call went up from  the DJ - we were off...

The run was 7km and I am glad that the course was not up an down hill (like the way to work) - about the distance from my home to work - it drizzled during the run but it was fun and I managed to take some photos...

The iPod was helpful to keep going and I have to admit that Robbie Williams and some trance music were the best tunes to run to.

Results are available from here. I was 133 and 40 mins 15 secs.
Tim's photos
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